Policy Documents

It is essential that you read the policy wordings carefully before taking out unemployment, accident and sickness insurance, payment protection insurance, income protection insurance, or redundancy or unemployment insurance. There are certain conditions for each policy that you must understand. The "Policy Wordings" form the terms & conditions of your cover and it is important to ensure you fully understand how your policy works and what you are entitled to claim for.

The policy summary, also known as "IPID", contains the main policy information. It gives you the salient features of the policy, eligibility to claim on the income protection cover, benefits and exclusions that you should be aware of and also outlines claims process for payment protection insurance and payment protection plus insurance.

The policy wording, also known as the certificate of insurance, contains the policy terms & conditions and explains definitions, the insurance contract, exclusions and the support services we have in place for you. It also advises how to make changes or cancel your policy and explains how to make a claim.

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